Custom printed envelopes – what are the benefits?

Whether it’s a product launch, promotional news or general communications, the use of branded envelopes can create a big impact on customers. We’re talking below about the key benefits of custom printing onto your envelopes.

It creates an advertising opportunity

 Reaching not only your customer but also those it passes on the way, the use of custom printed envelopes means you can get your brand seen by a wider audience. You can use this to your advantage to create brand awareness.

They’re a great cost-effective packaging option

 Envelopes are a great option for packaging, as they’re suitable to fit so many different products, plus they’re compact in size so keep mailing costs down. Plus, adding a custom design to your envelopes is easier than ever with our easy artwork upload tool and proofing process.

It enhances brand image

A customer’s first perception of your brand can create a lasting impression, so it's important to portray yourself in a professional way, particularly during the initial stages. Displaying your brand logo on your envelopes ensures a professional brand image every time.


Why not create your own custom printed envelopes today and take your brand to the next level? Create your branded envelopes here.